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Welcome to Cornerstone Home Services

Whether you're buying, selling or remodeling a home, you deserve a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the structure. At Cornerstone Inspections we provide non-invasive, visual examinations of the accessible areas of residential properties. All of our home inspections are based on the observations made on the date of the inspections. Our reports are thorough and submitted in a timely manner to facilitate a quick and smooth process.

Our friendly and professional team works hard to provide you assurance that your home is safe and structurally sound. Here at Cornerstone Inspections we promote a high standard of professionalism, business ethics and inspection procedures. We look forward to working with you to ensure your home is safe and free of defects.

What Makes Us Unique

We are a family owned business with over thirty years of experience in the building industry. With a background in all phases of the building experience, we understand the importance of a safe and structurally sound home. Our team of father and son work hard to provide you with quality inspections at affordable and competitive rates.

We work closely with home owners, potential buyers and realtors to schedule and complete full-disclosure inspections. We provide a complete verbal presentation as well as a thorough written evaluation with photographs with each inspection. Our goal is to provide our customers with an in-depth understanding about the condition of the home and safety recommendations to help prevent the delay or sell of a home.